Symbiotic Smart Homes

Multiroom Video & Audio

Integrated video & audio systems offer hidden in-ceiling speakers that allow instant access to music throughout the home, and technology that streams video content to any screen in the home on demand. Any video or audio service can be catered for - live TV, Netflix, Disney, Spotify, Napster, Tidal etc. Just walk into a room, select a device and it's ready to play.

Give any room Ambience

Access All Media anywhere in the home

SSH can design and install the perfect system to provide access to the client's full media library (video & audio) in any room of the home. We work with the client and their team to provide a system as unique as themselves and their needs.

Each room can be designed so the system installed is as discreet or as ostentatious as the client desires. From totally invisible speakers and hidden TVs all the way to statement floor-standing loudspeakers front and centre and a 3-metre flat-screen TV fitted to a feature wall, we can create a system for all styles and tastes.

SSH can centrally locate all the equipment needed to stream video & audio throughout the house so the client's media can be distributed to all rooms using intuitive touch panels installed throughout the home or using the client's choice of on-hand smart device.

SSH is available to discuss all options within the client's needs and budget so we can design a system that fits their vision. We can help create a system that's as simple or complex as the budget and needs allow, from Sonos, which uses wireless technology, to the bespoke music room of the audio connoisseur.

For the client who desires a dedicated music room, SSH experts are experienced installers of high-end Meridian Audio Sooloos systems that deliver high-resolution music to advanced digital speakers. We pride ourselves on working with both the client and our partners to provide as close to the live music experience as is technologically possible, including advice on seating and acoustic treatment.

SSH's highly experienced staff are passionate about dedicated music rooms and happy to talk to the client and their team about options to ensure the system we design and install satisfies all their needs while being flexible to the next technological advance. SSH offers a complete home video and audio service, featuring up-to-date technology from market-leading manufacturers.

Find Out today What We Can Do For You
Find Out today What We Can Do For You