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A minimalist smart technology solution for a high-end new build

Sometimes, our clients are as tech-obsessed as we are and revel in all things smart, but others are looking for expert advice and guidance on a subject that can be utterly perplexing to them. These clients need a professional they can trust to help to deliver a finished system that offers them solutions to issues they didn’t know they needed! This was certainly the case for our client, Deborah, whose brief was to provide understated yet beautiful tech solutions for her new home. Here, we explore how at times, less is more and how the team at  Symbiotic Smart Homes worked to create a smart-home solution that surpassed client expectations.

A beautiful new build

Deborah Richards, Founder of Maddisons Residential Estate Agency in Tunbridge Wells, is no less than a property specialist. After years of buying, selling and developing property, alongside running her successful residential sales and lettings agency, it was time for her to embark on a rather exceptional ‘forever home’ by way of a new-build project. With such an important venture, Symbiotic Smart Homes were thrilled to be invited to help install some smart tech.

A solid solution for a unique home

Deborah’s dream home was constructed from Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) and despite the many benefits this material brings to the build, it can be challenging to work with when it comes to tech installation. Unable to drill into the basement walls, the Symbiotic Smart Homes team installed a custom bracket to suspend the TV from the ceiling in the gym area. A smart solution to a problem that resulted in a neat and original feature in the room.

Sublimely subtle family-friendly tech

With Deborah’s brief being minimalist on smart-home technology, we wanted to provide the perfect additions to the building, to compliment the refined style and create entertainment spaces that delivered exceptional audio and visual experience without taking over the home. Charlie, Director of Symbiotic Smart Homes explains:

“From the outset, it was evident that the project didn’t necessitate multi-room audio or an intricate lighting control system. However, the need for unobtrusive yet effective technology was paramount. The essence of sophistication is often simplicity; discerning this from the client’s brief is what ultimately shapes the success of a project. Tailoring the house for a contemporary family involved ensuring robust Wi-Fi coverage throughout, creating independent TV zones, and integrating a comprehensive CCTV and alarm system for enhanced security.”

Working within the brief, but also providing alternatives and additions to the project with expert insights resulted in a home that works superbly for the whole family.

Project overview

Brief: Minimalistic, stylish tech that adds functionality, practicality, and security without reliance on an app- integrated control system.


  • AV: Artfully installed audio and visual equipment into the walls to create zones within the rooms and elevate the cinematic experience for our client. Working around pre-installed cabling and offering alternative storage options for hardware to ensure the aesthetic was not compromised.
  • Video security doorbell fitted, and CCTV systems/ wireless intruder alarm installed to secure the home against intruders and give the client visibility of her home when she is away.
  • Wi-Fi system: installed Wi-Fi and selected stylish boosters that were strategically placed to ensure the connection is uninterrupted in all areas of the home.
  • Satellite installation: due to the client not wanting a satellite dish on display and a roof that wasn’t able to be drilled, we supplied a non-penetrating mount that could sit on the roof and hold the dish in the optimum position.

Deborah comments:

“A huge thank-you to Charlie, everything was done brilliantly. Charlie is uber-professional, uber-efficient, and knows his stuff inside out. He utterly delivers on what he promises. His service and attention to detail is second to none, I would not hesitate to recommend him.”

We enjoy all the projects we get to work on; whether it is guiding a client through the labyrinth of purchasing decisions when installing tech into a brand-new home, installing smart technology, or simply advising on the best video doorbell – the team at Symbiotic Smart Homes can help. If you are undergoing a new-build or extensive renovation, it is a great idea to involve smart home experts in the early stages, so why not give us a call.

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