Symbiotic Smart Homes

Home Automation

Home automation is the synchronicity of multiple different technological systems throughout the home. Put simply, the home does the thinking for you - one request can trigger multiple related actions that make life simpler and easier.

Creating a Smart Home

Intelligent Tech needs Intelligent PROGRAMMING

Our bespoke installations and programming solutions put the clients' needs at the heart of the house to create the smart home they desire. Whether it's simple single room control of the lights, blinds, curtains and heating, or the ability to control their entire home from anywhere in the world using their smart device, SSH can make this dream a reality.

SSH has a decade of experience in the programming and installation of high-end home automation systems, including Crestron and Control4. We listen to our clients and their teams to create bespoke projects that simplify and streamline the every day, which allows us to give the client back time.

Our expert team will help select which of the multitude of options available are best for clients' design and needs. From planning to installation, and ultimately the handover of their dream system, we ensure they get the technology that is best for them and their family.

SSH puts total control at the customer's fingertips. We will create a synchronised system that makes the smart home feel effortless..... your favourite movie is playing on your home cinema and the phone rings. With a single click of the pause button not only does the movie automatically stop but the lights come up just enough to allow you to see. You answer and speak to whoever is calling. Then you press play and the lights dim down as film begins to play right where you left off.

Find Out today What We Can Do For You
Find Out today What We Can Do For You