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Giving far more control to occupants than traditional switches, smart lighting is the way forward. In its simplest form, it allows you to set the mood of a room, that changes from morning to night. It is the fastest way to make your home feel futuristic.

Create the perfect mood

Let SSH light up your life

Lighting can both make and break not only the room itself but the mood also! Well planned lighting can and does affect everything from the function to feel SSH specialises in creating lighting that is perfect for the task at hand, from well-lit office space to the perfect mood lighting in a media room. SSH works with the client and their team to make sure that the lighting does the right job in every room of the home.

As with all SSH installations, we make sure the clients' needs are the top priority when planning and installing a new system. The ability for the client to have easy control of their home is paramount; our lighting systems can be controlled via the in-wall touch panel, or on their chosen smart device, from anywhere home or away. With easy to use preset lighting options to the ability for the client to choose their lighting level, the power to control their environment is totally in their own hands.

SSH put the smart into smart lighting. Using our extensive experience we can suggest to the client a multitude of pre-set options. From a button at the front door that allows you to make sure the whole house is off, to nighttime settings that mean when you hit the light switch in the bathroom in the middle of the night you aren't blinded by the level of light, we have the setting to make life easier.

SSH smart lighting simply synchronises with all our other home automation systems; it is the glue that makes a system feel truly intuitive. Lights that dim when the TV is put on without the client even having to think about it, to the whole house lighting up in the event of a break-in or fire, lighting is truly what makes a smart home seem so smart.

Lighting is an integral part of a comprehensive security system, being the most obvious sign to anyone outside looking in that someone is home. Prevention is far better the cure and occupancy simulation is a smart way to make an intruder question if a house is empty. At SSH we can use smart lighting to make it seem like someone is always home. As part of a comprehensive security system SSH are also able to set up lighting that is motion-sensitive so that no corner of the building is left in the dark.

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Find Out today What We Can Do For You