Symbiotic Smart Homes

Intelligent Shading

All forms of window shading are available in an automatic form that can be incorporated into the home. Blinds of all types, curtains, and external shades can all be programmed so they open and close at the touch of a button, or at a set time of day from when your early-morning alarm goes off to the setting of the sun.

a shade for every window

No need for a long stick

At SSH we can incorporate all smart forms of window shade into home programming, so there is no window too high or too awkward to have some form of shade. But smart shades aren't limited to windows that are unsuitable for regular forms of shade.

From simply wanting the shades to only open and close whenever requested, to having them all automatically closing once the sun has gone down to help conserve heat in the winter and opening when the alarm goes off in the morning to let in the natural light, SSH can make it happen, all without clients once having to touch a button or smart device.

There is no longer a need to run from room to room closing curtains and blinds; one button can do it all for you on your chosen smart device, from wherever you are in the world. This also includes having them move automatically even when you aren't in the home (or when you are), be that for a day or an extended period. Along with smart lighting, this can be programmed to simulate occupants in the building when there are none.

SSH will work with both the client and their team to determine the best form of automatic shading. Whether wired or wireless, blinds or curtains, there is something to suit every window, all decor, and every budget.

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Find Out today What We Can Do For You