Symbiotic Smart Homes

External Spaces

Smart technology isn't confined to inside the home, anything that can be done inside can also be recreated for any external space. Video, audio, lighting, shading, irrigation, network connectivity and more can all be incorporated into a smart system so that you don't feel you're leaving the comforts of technology inside!

Take all your Technology outside

The smart home doesn't end at the back door

If SSH can do it inside then we can do the same outside! From external speakers hidden within the patio planters, so you can liven up the family BBQ, to the flat-screen TV next to the pool, all needs and budgets can be accommodated, and there is no need for an internal system for an external one to work.

In this day and age we all want to be connected everywhere we go, so there is no reason the garden should be left out of a smart home makeover. At SSH we can treat the garden just like any other room of the home. At the very least SSH can make sure you can connect to the home network in the garden just the same as in the living room.

For the client that wishes to go the extra mile, SSH can install smart lighting that turns on when the sun goes down, and off late at night to save energy. Smart multi-zonal irrigation systems can keep your plants looking green throughout the summer and know when there has been sufficient rain to avoid wasting water or damaging the plants. Systems that link up to the home network can allow the client to play audio just as they would in any other room of the home.

At SSH if we can do it in the smart home we can do it outside the smart home; so don't neglect the most spacious and airy room of the house.

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Find Out Today What We Can Do For You