Symbiotic Smart Homes

CCTV & Security

A comprehensive security system gives owners peace of mind and is something that every home needs. From a basic alarm system to CCTV and intruder detection systems that allow you to view your property any time any place, the security system in your home should help you sleep better at night.

Protecting one’s Castle

How SSH can secure the Home

SSH will provide clients with peace of mind through a security system that comprehensively covers every aspect of both their property and their needs. From a simple house alarm system to Intruder detection and CCTV that links to multiple other systems including video and lighting, SSH can install equipment that allows the home to protect itself from both internal and external threats.

State of the art CCTV, using the latest 4K and HD resolutions, can be programmed to record upon detecting movement and integrated with other SSH smart home elements, allowing the client or staff to view and control the security system at any time and from any place.

View live images of the home when miles away, using a choice of smart devices, to vet visitors at the entrance or watch a baby sleeping peacefully in their Moses basket. SSH can give clients peace of mind at their fingertips, any time of the day or night.

SSH also provides occupant simulation, so a building appears as if someone is in, even when they aren't! Blinds and curtains open and close, lights turn on and off, and even audio can be played from time to time, if the system is on the network SSH can integrate it. The simulation can both mimic your normal routine if you are only away for the holidays, or can be linked to sunrise and sunset if the building is not your main place of residence and you are absent for longer periods.

At SSH security isn't just about deterring intruders; smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide sensors can also be incorporated into the system. With such extensions, in the case of fire, not only will the alarm sound but features such as the lights turning on can be integrated to facilitate occupant escape, as well as the opening of security gates so that emergency services can gain access swiftly.

Find Out today What We Can Do For You
Find Out today What We Can Do For You