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commercial Spaces

Today the office space needs to offer more than just a whiteboard and pens. Modern office spaces must be a collaborative area, where not only employees but also clients from across the globe can interact seamlessly and communicate both ideas and needs with documents, images, and notes via smart boards, and video conference systems.


How SSH can improve the office ENVIRONMENT

At SSH we understand how important any collaborative space is at improving innovation at work. Effective collaboration between both the client and employees is a priority for all businesses and we understand that solutions need to be both simple in design and easy to use.

At SSH our commercial space solutions can be designed for everything from small meeting rooms to large auditoriums and provide an environment that delivers both powerful and effective communication between people.

We pride ourselves on designing, building and supporting both physical and virtual commercial space solutions where employees and clients can collaborate using advanced technologies which deliver improved engagement and outcomes for the business.

We recognise that every job is as individual as the client and our solutions are designed with them in mind. We build our systems smart so all the technology is easily and simply controlled through smart devices or in-wall touch panels. With integrated lighting, sound, and video all connected and working together, every presentation will feel perfectly polished and professional every time.

Find Out today What We Can Do For You
Find Out today what We Can Do For You