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Keep everyone happy this Christmas with smart tech

The shops are already full of seasonal merchandise and decorations, and as we plan for the most wonderful time of the year, the reality is that it can often be one of the most stressful – how to please everyone, all the time? A house full of relatives can lead to stresses over who has the best seat when you watch a Christmas special together or battles over the thermostats. Charlie Hibbins, Managing Director of Symbiotic Smart Homes, explains how smart home technology can put a smile on everyone’s faces this Christmas.  

The ultimate Christmas film setup

Whether it’s Elf or Home Alone, settling down to a family Christmas film should be a multi-generational joy, rather than a battle for the best seat. A home cinema can ensure prime position for everyone – with options for seat memory function, so everyone can sink into their favourite position before the lights have dimmed – and enjoy a truly immersive experience with stunning resolution and surround sound.

If a super luxe cinema room is out of your budget, a specially designed media wall is a great way to create a cinematic feel in your living room. With the right design, lighting, and technology – tailored for your room’s dimensions and acoustics – you can create a multi-media haven to amplify the festive feeling and create a beautiful centre point within your home.

A warming focal point

With chilly nights taking hold, there is nothing better than the warm glow of a fire to add a calming focal point and create visual and physical warmth. A specially designed smart electric fire can transform your home on a winter’s night, without the maintenance and restrictions of a real fire.

“We have seen a huge rise in the popularity of super smart electric fires to create ambiance and beauty instantly, without the bother or expense of an open fire. Our customers love the ease and efficiency, and the finished effect is fantastic,” comments Charlie.

Light up your home

As you gear up to decorate your home with Christmas lights, why not consider a long-lasting investment? A well-lit driveway and bespoke exterior lighting can make your home more secure and inviting, and the many benefits can be realised throughout the year – but particularly during the dark winter months.  

Charlie explains: “Installing external smart lighting has many benefits, far beyond the obvious, aesthetically pleasing, curb-appeal aspects.

“Firstly, lights around a house deter thieves, a threat that unfortunately becomes prolific around Christmas. With a well-lit driveway and exterior, there are fewer dark areas to hide, and if you install additional ultra-effective security lights, you and your family can sleep safe and sound, all year round.

“Secondly, getting in and out of your home can be made safer and easier with intelligent lighting solutions, especially during the shorter, winter days. Rather than struggling to see your pathway in with your shopping bags or after a long day at work, you can enjoy a welcoming environment from the moment you pass the threshold of your driveway.”  

Cosy up this winter

As the temperatures drop, we all long for a cosy home to hibernate in – especially after the traditional post-Christmas dinner walk. Taking shelter from the elements only adds to the Christmas cheer but maintaining a comfortable temperature can be a challenge in many people’s homes.

A smart heating solution from Symbiotic Smart Homes can be tailored to your needs, ensuring you return to a warm home whilst helping you save on your energy bills. With zoning capabilities, you can set different temperatures in different rooms, ensuring everyone in your family, from the youngest to the oldest, feels perfectly comfortable.

We can’t guarantee that smart home technology will turn moody children into angels or grumpy granddads into wise men, but it can create the perfect environment for you and your guests to celebrate Christmas together. If you would like more advice on how Symbiotic Smart Homes can help enhance your festive cheer this year, get in touch with the expert team to discuss your smart home solutions.

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