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6 ways to enhance your summer social life with smart technology this summer

If the unpredictability of the great British weather makes you nervous about planning a summer BBQ, al fresco dinner or big sporting event viewing party, the good news is that you can stop worrying. Transforming your outdoor space using smart technology can help to make your summer social plans a hit with your guests – giving you the peace of mind that, come rain or shine, your garden is summer ready. Charlie Hibbins, director of Symbiotic Smart Homes, explains how.

All-weather shelter with smart awnings

Rain stopping play can be a thing of the past with smart awnings, which automatically extend when they detect rain to make sure your guests and garden furniture are kept dry. But the benefits also extend if you are lucky enough to have the sunshine on your event, says Charlie:

‘Smart awnings also provide much-needed shade from blinding rays to help prevent painful and harmful sunburn.’

Outdoor heating systems to warm up those colder evenings

If your plans extend into the evening, installing an automated outdoor heating system will mean your party can continue without the need to retreat inside, Charlie explains:

‘You can set your heaters on a timer so there’s no danger of you forgetting about them and leaving them on overnight, giving you both cosiness and peace of mind.’

Garden lighting can help boost or calm the mood

These days, there is a huge selection of lighting options for the garden, which can create a fabulous feeling to any party or gathering when the sun goes down. The power of lighting to add ambiance to your garden and highlight areas you want featured should never be underestimated, advises Charlie:

‘Whether you opt for soft lighting in quieter areas to relax, or brighter lighting in your dining area so your al fresco dinners can continue after sunset, installing smart lighting saves the scramble to light candles or string up fairy lights when you are hosting guests in your garden.’

Outdoor smart audio surround systems that please guests – and neighbours

No summer party is complete without some music to set the tone. Often a portable speaker won’t give a quality audio experience, but a huge sound system will likely annoy your neighbours. Charlie suggests a smart alternative which offers a win-win solution:

’You can extend your indoor sound system (so music flows from indoors to outdoors) and with a series of small, discreet speakers tactically placed around your garden, you can enjoy an immersive sound experience without your music escaping into your neighbours’ gardens.’

View films and favourite sporting events in the garden on your smart TV

Fancy an al-fresco Olympics viewing party, keeping an eye on Wimbledon or a big match whilst turning the sausages on your BBQ? How about hosting an outdoor movie night for the family or kids’ sleepover party? Smart technology makes it possible, enthuses Charlie:

‘Weather-resistant, anti-glare screens can revolutionise your summer viewing. Gone are the days of having to choose between must-watch events and enjoying our precious summer.’

External Wi-Fi solutions to keep your garden party connected

If you’ve been to a party and struggled to get Wi-Fi, you might be forced to go inside and miss out on some of the action, so to keep your party guests from chasing the WIFI hotspots to keep connected, there is a simple solution says Charlie:

‘Extending your indoor Wi-Fi out to being more dependable for recreation purposes into your garden will stop your guests from scattering so your party stays in full swing. Working with a smart tech provider can help as they will source the best network available for your budget, ensuring the best and widest coverage for your needs. After all, the network is what keeps all your smart technology moving and working in sync, so it’s extremely important to get right.’

Integrating smart tech into your garden can help make organising a summer event as stress free as possible, without the worries of the weather dampening your plans, the fading light driving your guests inside or even home, or music disturbing your neighbours. Smart technology can make hosting in your garden as easy as hosting indoors.

So, why not give our experts a call and begin enhancing your summer social life?

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